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All-In-One Programmes

Aim high. Higher. Let's get there.

Veribera programmes are 'All-In-One': designed by our experienced teachers to empower you to achieve your best and to guide you in a comprehensive, thorough and complete way from the beginning to the end.


STAR Programme

The only thing you need to master your education. Wishing to study at Oxbridge? Aiming for top 30 universities? Star programmes are complete packages designed by passionate and inspirational professionals with 40+ cumulative years of creating breakthroughs and transforming lives.



Get into a medical school with us. This programme is also available for dentistry and pharmacy. A complete package designed to guide you from start to end.

Filling Prescription
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WeCare Programme

WeCare™ is essentially the same as our Star programmes, except maybe you haven't yet decided on your goals. We provide the same nurturing and care for you to excel at school and life.

Guardianship Programme

Need a guardian? While you're young and living in the UK, we'll be your parents. We'll go to parents' meetings, discuss matters and your future with school teachers and provide all the necessary care you need. Rest assured, your children are in great hands. 


Do you have what it takes?

Tell us of your situation and your goals. Our experts will provide adivce on British education that no one else can.

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