Making doctors.



Do you have what it takes?

There is a very high number of applications to medicine each year and the process takes longer than for most other courses.

Medicine is ferociously, somewhat irrationally competitive.

What's the reason for this?


The answer is, well, the popularity is immenseBut the rejections are mostly down to poor preparation.

Preparing early is ideal, but our vision is that we must never give our dreams up. So I'd like to begin by emphasising that, it's never too late

This is why our specialists have created:



What can we do for you?

From a medic to a teacher, let me tell you, that this is no easy walk in the park. Quite the opposite in fact. 

But we shall guide you all the way

What are the steps to a med school?


  1. Academic requirements for medicine

  2. Choosing 4 medical schools

  3. Medical work experience & Voluntary work

  4. UCAT and BMAT 

  5. Personal statement 

  6. Interviews

  7. What if I don't get in?

Read on to see Medigramme.

Just how difficult is it to get into

a medical school?

- Very, very difficult.

   But possible with Veribera.


Not just any ole plan.

Medigramme is founded on years of study and experience of doctors who are currently practicing medicine in the UK, strategically analysed and refined by Dr Peter himself. 

Talk to us and we will design a path directed at achieving your dreams - your dreams of helping those in need, medically. 

Whether you've just started your teens, finishing your GCSEs, or completed your undergraduate course, we will find the right way, the right programme to guide and help you on your way to becoming the doctor.