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The job market is becoming increasingly competitive.

It's pretty obvious - there is a limited number of jobs, and there are more qualified individuals wanting certain jobs.

And! Needless to say, many students have now prepared and perfected their applications and CVs.


How do I stand out?


Leave nothing to chance - and go that extra mile. 

A postgraduate degree will boost your chances of success and provide you with invaluable opportunities to enhance your skillset and gain new experiences

You will get to explore your subject further, extend your knowledge and academic career. 

Thinking of an academic career?

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No.1 University.

Applying for a postgraduate course isn't exactly the same as an undergraduate course via UCAS. Normally, applications are sent directly to the universities, and it resembles a lot like applying for a job. 

The Application Process.


  1. Masters VS PhD?

  2. Every institution has its own unique application process

  3. Check your entry requirements

  4. Check your application deadlines

  5. Work experiences

  6. Personal statement & SOP (Statement of Purpose)

  7. Interviews

  8. References

  9. What if I don't get in?

Can I get into a postgraduate course in UK's TOP 10 university?

- Yes.

And we're here to help, every step.