Institute  of  Education


Don't let COVID-19 or the education leaders dampen your hopes of getting a place at university.

Who would have thought that not having exams was this much pain?!


As crazy as it seems, we have been seeing IB results being modified recently - final results going up by 1 to even 4 points!

Can we possibly expect the same? - I don't quite think so.

So it has come to this: the chance to improve your grades is here. The autumn exams are around the corner and we will do our best to ensure you achieve what you should have received (or better!) this summer.

ONLINE* LESSONS for anywhere and everywhere!

(*Through Skype, Kakaotalk, ZOOM, Whatsapp)

Our successful intensive course is designed to run for 2 weeks - but we fully understand that the needs of every student is different. This is why you can choose the length of our course or our tutors can adjust it to suit you best.


You can apply to start our course anytime between: 

24th August - 5th October

This course is available** in:

  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • English
  • Economics
  • Business Studies

**All subjects are available for GCSE/AS/A-Level specifications and all exam boards


Our 2 week course will begin from any date you choose. 

Per subject, there will be a total of 10 lessons, each lesson being 1.5 hours.

This course is priced at £900 per subject, but please see below for extra goodies and benefits!


  • Lessons available anywhere and anytime!

  • 1:1 tailored tutoring!

  • Available in both Korean and English!

  • 2 or more subjects, 10% discount!

  • Bring a friend for the extra 5% discount!

  • Ask questions out of hours!

  • Help available after the course!


Preparation is KEY. Start early!

Let us help you manage your time and improve in all aspects of your life.